Thickened Nails

Thickened Nails - Fungal Infection and Treatment Surrey
Fungal Infection -Thickened Toenails Treatment

Thickened Nail Treatment

We treat thickened nails daily. Whilst commonplace, they can cause embarrassment and affect confidence when wearing open-toe shoes. A thickened toenail can also become painful if left untreated; this is because it applies pressure to the nail bed. The big toe is most commonly affected by this. A couple of things can cause it, but usually, it is because of trauma to the nail or a fungal nail infection.

The treatment is painless, and we take great care to ensure you are comfortable. We use a special drill with specific nail attachments to thin and shape the nail.

You will leave with comfortable, great-looking toes and have back that walking on air feeling.   You will leave with comfortable, great-looking toes.

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