General Foot Care

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General Foot Care

General Foot Care

It is important to look after your feet the same way as you look after your teeth and eyes. You do not need to have a problem seeing us for a one-off foot care appointment. Starting early and having your feet checked periodically can help to prevent issues that could make you uncomfortable, embarrassed, or unsteady on your feet.

Here are some general foot care tips that you can do at home to ensure your feet are in tip-top condition:

  • Ensure to check your feet regularly; you should be looking for things like cuts, swelling, any signs of infection or just anything that doesn’t feel quite right.
  • Ensure you clean your feet regularly with warm water and natural soap, after which ensure you have dried your feet properly by patting dry with a clean towel. Pro-tip, do not share towels with other people as this is a sure-fire way to spread infections.
  • Regularly applying moisturiser is one of the best general foot care tips. This can be done with most lotions, creams or petroleum jelly. Do not put the moisturiser between your toes; you should always aim to keep the skin between your toes dry, as this can also lead to fungal infections.
  • Try to avoid tight or badly fitting shoes. If a shoe is uncomfortable when you wear it, it doesn’t matter how good it looks; unfortunately, it’s just not best for your feet! Having shoes that are too tight can lead to bunions and a whole host of other problems.
  • On top of that, flip-flops and flats are great for around the pool and are ok to be worn for short periods but try not to wear them too often. This shoe style is too flat and doesn’t provide any form of arch support for your feet.
  • Ensure when cutting your toenails, you cut them straight across, using nail clippers. You can use an emery board or nail file to smooth out any rough corners and prevent any ingrowing toenails from occurring.

You could also see one of our expert team and let them sort out any problems and answer any questions you might have regarding your foot health.

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