Summer Foot Care Tips

Summertime is on it’s way, alongside the changing seasons comes a change in our habits, and self-care is sometimes the first to suffer. We’re all so busy running around, doing this and that, that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. But there’s no excuse for ignoring our well-being!

With summer approaching, many of us will be spending more time outside and in sandals. Summer is great because of all the sunshine, but it can also be a bad time for our feet. After the long winters, foot care may have been neglected, so it is even more important to get some thought into feet during the warmer months.

Here are five essential summer foot care tips for you to follow

Pace Yourself

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you need to suddenly ramp up exercise intensity. Be wary of pushing yourself too hard in the new season, as this can lead to injuries and strains. Start gently to avoid injury.

If you want to improve strength and endurance, you need to perform small, consistent increases in the activity — 10% more each week. It is a proven method called the progressive overload principle, which is the basis of muscle building. This means that your body will get used to what you are doing and better able to do it over time. The point is that any exercise should be gradual and not cause harm.

Cross Train

You might be excited to start running on a regular basis, but you should approach your training methodically. Running every day might burn you out, so ease into a routine that includes three or four runs a week. As you get used to the activity, gradually increase the number of workouts that you do each week.

Many people consider jogging their primary form of exercise, but this can be overwhelming. It’s easy to add in too much running, which can strain your feet, ankles, and legs. To prevent major injuries from overuse, mix up your routine with cross-training activities like cycling or swimming.

Seek the right footwear

Summer is sandal season, but as the stifling heat beats down on us, we need to be careful that our feet are cool and comfortable. Not only do our feet deserve a stylish pair of shoes, they also deserve proper care and support.

Sandals are a great choice for summer, particularly if they’re made from breathable materials like canvas or leather. That’s because they’ll ensure air can circulate through your feet and body — nobody wants damp tootsies! But be sure to choose sandals that provide support for your arches and have ample cushioning — otherwise your feet will soon be covered in blisters.

There is a lot of thought put into designing sport-specific footwear. This design makes it ideal for activities such as running, hiking, and even working out in the gym. It provides the optimal amount of support and ventilation, which ensures you can focus your energy on getting fit and achieving your workout goals. Ill-fitting shoes can cause a whole host of problems from heel pain to bunions, it’s important that you get the right ones.

Tanned Feet

Summer is the perfect time to practice good foot health. Sun and sand are great, but they also mean it’s time to take extra care of your feet and do what you can to prevent an array of problems — from stinky sweat to nasty blisters.

Using sunscreen on your feet is just as important as using it on the rest of your body. Because your feet are constantly exposed to the sun, you can easily get burnt. After applying sunscreen on your all body part (avoiding the eyes and mouth) remember to apply it on top of your feet as well.

Pay us a visit

Whilst we sincerely hope that following the above advice will mean you avoid serious foot problems this summer, we realise that you may still, unfortunately, encounter problems.

If you should find yourself suffering from a problem such as a sprain, ingrowing toenails or chronic heel pain, or anything else that prevents you from living your best life, book an appointment and come to see us. All of our staff are dedicated, highly-qualified professionals, who will always put you at your ease and try to put an end to your problems.

We do everything we possibly can to get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

*This blog contains general information about medical conditions and is not advice. You must not rely upon the information in this blog as medical advice. Medical advice should always be sought from an appropriately qualified podiatrist such as ourselves.