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There are many reasons that you may need to see a podiatrist, especially if you are experiencing pain in your feet or your ankles are feeling extremely weak. Podiatrists specialise in any condition or issue in correlation with the feet, toes and ankles.

Here are some of the top main reasons people will go to see a podiatrist:

1.You are experiencing chronic pain in your ankles and feet.

There are various reasons why your feet may be hurting, ranging from a medical condition such as arthritis to poorly fitted shoes. Sadly, many conditions can permanently alter the way your feet function. However, the good news is podiatrists can help, providing you with both short-term relief and functional solutions to protect your feet.

2. You suspect you may have a strain, sprain or broken bone.

Now, this may be from an injury or simply overexertion. Whatever the cause, it is vital to remember if you are experiencing any pain, redness or swelling to see a professional immediately. You don’t want to make your injury worse by ignoring it!

3. You are gaining some pretty thick calluses or corns.

Although these are not particularly serious, the underlying cause might be. You could have problems with your gait or foot structure causing these stubborn calluses.

4. Your heels are cracked, dry or bleeding.

There are endless foot creams on the market for dry heels, although these products are only a temporary solution. When your dry skin begins to split and bleed, the chance of infection rapidly increases, so don’t be naive; see a podiatrist before your problem gets too severe.

5. There is a persistent numbness in your foot.

Indeed, experiencing numbness in your feet is not uncommon; however, persistent numbness is. This could be a sign of an underlying infection or a chronic condition such as tendonitis or diabetes.

6. You have diabetes.

Diabetes is a frequent culprit for many foot problems; therefore, if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes or suspect you may be developing it, you should get your feet checked regularly.

7. Ingrown toenails are causing havoc.

Ingrown toenails are increasingly painful and can become infected if left untreated. It would be wise to seek help from a professional to ensure the nail and surrounding areas are not damaged. You may require nail surgery, but it’s best to discuss with a podiatrist before decide what next step is best for you.

8. You have athlete’s foot syndrome.

Athlete’s foot syndrome is a fungal infection and can make the skin between your toes feel incredibly itchy. Over the counter remedies may temporarily help the situation, but you should seek a professional for help if it persists.

9. You have just started to run as part of your daily exercise routine.

Runners are especially prone to aches, pains and injuries. A podiatrist will assess your feet and recommend the right pair of shoes for you – undergoing an examination before taking up running will help avoid problems from occurring in the first place.