Foot Care Treatments Farnham Foot Clinic

Your feet take many steps throughout your life.  However, often we neglect them and forget to care for them.  Here are a few tips on how to care for your feet and keep them in good shape:

  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly on a daily basis. Do not forget to dry between your toes.
  • Cut toenails straight across – never round them off, this could lead to ingrowing toenails.
  • Do not peel your nails instead of cutting them.  As this subsequently will lead to problems.
  • If you find it beneficial, use foot cream to moisturise the skin.  But do not apply between the toes as this can cause the skin to macerate and promote the growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • Shoes should be neither too tight nor too loose. They should fit comfortably without rubbing or irritating your feet.
  • When shopping for shoes, do so later in the day when your feet have settled and swelled to their maximum size.
  • As you get older do not forger to have your feet remeasured! Feet change shape and size as our bodies change.
  • Always wear socks as socks are designed to absorb perspiration, which can lead to an array of foot disorders.
  • Try to chose socks made of natural fibres: wool, cotton, bamboo.
  • Never ignore foot pain as it may be a sign of a potentially serious problem or condition.
  • Do not use over-the-counter remedies to treat corns and calluses. These conditions require professional attention.

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to visit the podiatrist as we have seen most of foot problems and we are here to take care of your feet and to help you stay active!

The information above is not meant as a substitute for direct medical advice. Please see your doctor or podiatrist if you are experiencing any troublesome symptoms.